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Chris Lauzen Wins Benjamin Franklin Award : Campaign News : Lauzen for Congress Committee
Chris Lauzen Wins Benjamin Franklin Award
Tuesday, 11/13/2007

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Lauzen Wins "Benjamin Franklin Award"
Washington, DC – Calling Chris Lauzen a “fighter for the elderly,” the head of a national non-partisan senior citizens group has presented Lauzen with his group’s Benjamin Franklin Award.

60 Plus Association President Jim Martin said, “It was Franklin who famously said there are two certainties in life, death and taxes, but because of the estate or ‘death’ tax, there has been a third certainty in life...taxes after death.

“60 Plus decided to present a Benjamin Franklin award to those who support repeal of this anti-farmer, anti-senior tax and make Franklin’s quote correct again. Chris Lauzen has worked faithfully for his constituents for 15 years as an Illinois State Senator; his record clearly reflects his anti-tax credentials. Lauzen is running for the seat being vacated by Dennis Hastert (R-IL), former U.S. House Speaker who recently announced his retirement.

“On April 13, 2005, the House of Representatives voted favorably by a 110 vote margin, 272-162, to repeal this tax. Over 40 Democrats, including eight members of the Congressional Black Caucus, voted to abolish this anti-business tax. Lauzen has pledged to vote for death tax repeal if he’s elected U.S. Representative from Illinois’ 14th District.

Martin continued, “In a city where con jobs are finessed on a daily basis, perhaps the biggest con job of all is the one that repealing the death tax is a tax cut for the rich. Well, that’s just nonsense, especially when the con artists try to put a face on the rich by invoking the name of Paris Hilton, like death tax repeal is a tax break for poor Paris! Sorry. Can’t let them get away with that outrageous falsehood. Ever heard of the Hilton Foundation? Paris’ parents and grandparents have avoided the death tax for generations by founding their Foundation. So too the Gates Foundation, Buffett Foundation, Turner, Heinz, Rockefeller, Kennedy, Scaife, Winfrey and countless other foundations.

“So it is with a great deal of pride that 60 Plus honors Chris Lauzen with the Benjamin Franklin Award.

“A few other recipients of the Benjamin Franklin Award include former Speaker Hastert, as well as Reps. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA).

Martin concluded, “Chris Lauzen knows a bad tax when he sees one and the death tax is a lousy tax…an unfair tax. Senior citizens know they can always count on Chris Lauzen.” 


The 60 Plus Association is a 15-year-old nonpartisan organization taking on important issues such as death tax repeal, saving Social Security, working to lower energy costs, affordable prescription drugs and other senior-friendly issues featuring a less government, less taxes approach. 60 Plus calls on support from nearly 4.5 million citizen activists. 60 Plus publishes a quarterly magazine, SENIOR VOICE, and a Scorecard, bestowing a Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award on lawmakers of both parties who vote “pro-senior.” 60 Plus has been called “an increasingly influential senior citizen’s group.”

What they're saying about Chris Lauzen...

Chris is honest and hard working and the best person for the job.

             - Patricia

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